How we cook

The makings of a great experience.

A Heart of fire

With a big, brick-and-clay, masonry oven as the beating heart of our cuisine, Al Forno not only takes his name from it but this wood-fired cooking also shapes our style.

At one stage or another, almost all of our preparations find their way into the oven, where they are baked inside heavy cast-iron boxes and skillets that enhance every flavour and aroma, retaining and preserving them until the dish is served. This ancient cooking method is then mixed with

Federico’s background, who has spent several years travelling and working around the world, gathering experience and seasoning his particular style. This blend of tradition and innovation is what defines Al Forno’s cuisine, producing food that stimulates not only taste, but all senses. Intense aromas, different temperatures, textures and vibrant colours are combined by the Chef in a very structured and harmonious way, with a profound respect for the ingredients and overall balance.

Federico at the fire
Mastering the fire

Locally sourced excellence

Knowing that only the very best and fresher ingredients would be up to the standard, Federico selects himself the ingredients that he’s going to cook, sourcing from local specialized producers and letting availability rule the menu.

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