Meet the Chef

Federico Amándola Mastroianni

My Story

Age 17, I’m at Invercargill, New Zealand for a student interchange program when I’m offered to take a gastronomy class. “Why not?” said I, and I was hooked.

16 years later and I have long made cooking my biggest passion and my way of life.

I’ve cooked my way around the world, travelling, working and studying with great Chefs in places like New York, Mendoza, Port Banús, José Ignacio, Miami, Dublin or Porto Alegre, learning, absorbing knowledge from every city, every style and every tradition.


Age: 33

Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay

Passions: Cooking & Surfing

Favourite dish: Rótolo

Wine of choice: Tannat

A place to be: La Barra

Wood fire

Having cooked with many different techniques and sources, I’ve settled with the wood-fired masonry oven, as it is an honest and versatile way to cook that gives me plenty of possibilities while adding a lot of character to the food.

It was just the right way to add a bit of my own personality to my food, so when I started the Al Forno project, I had no doubt about building the restaurant and the whole approach to the cuisine around it.

Al Forno

This project is my lifelong dream. A place of my own where I can cook and create without limitations, getting the most out of every ingredient with only one goal: giving my guests an epic meal that hopefully will become a long-lasting memory.

Other things

I’m always onto something different, trying new things for the restaurant or even large-scale projects on the side, so be sure to come back later, there may be a cool surprise waiting for you.


And that’s it for the moment.

The invitation is made. Come by the restaurant, I’d love to cook for you.


- Federico

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