A quiet place to slow down the pace.

Opening a restaurant in Montevideo was the natural step after a few successful seasons in Punta del Este, so it was back to drawing board with finding a good spot and a good way to bring back some of the charm and style of La Barra but with an urban twist.

Punta Carretas -a small neighbourhood traditionally renowned for its calmness that is now enjoying a booming food scene- was the place of choice and after a lot of work, Al Forno Montevideo was born.


2421 Solano García, Montevideo – Uruguay

Reservations: +598 2710 1518

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Set on a corner at a little street, the place is small in size, quiet and welcoming on a way that resembles the mood of our La Barra house.

The restaurant is set in a loft-like configuration, with just a couple of tables on the lower floor and a few more on the upper level. The big brick-and-clay oven is at plain sight, making watching your meal being cooked in the heavy cast-iron boxes a thing to behold. All in all, a package that will surely slow you down from the hectic city pace.

Here’s a set of photographs that will give you a hint of the place, but don’t take our word, come and visit us. It’s great for your next business lunch or a relaxing evening.

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